Did anyone proof read Tour de zwift survey before sending

@shooj might want to nudge some people to update.

Question 2

Zwift academy road???

Question 4
only 1 choice

Thanks for flagging these, we’ll look into getting these questions updated.


Savage… :joy:

Kidding aside, I am sure the team at Zwift HQ is a group of hard-working and intelligent folks; however, this is demonstrative of the overarching absence of attention to detail. It’s easy to say, “who cares, it’s not a big deal” over stuff like this, but it is so pervasive. One wonders why. I can’t imagine it’s because people don’t care. Is it that Zwift is taking on too much, forcing people to “easy button” surveys like this and failing at a manual “find and replace?” Is it that the feedback does not get directly to the source? Is a culture of accountability lacking? Should there be a more robust QC apparatus?

What’s apparent to me, as a long-time loyal user of the platform, is that there is a lack of a culture of problem-solving, at the very least. Were the team devoted to getting down to the root cause of the nagging issues and larger-scale shortfalls that plague the platform, they would be implementing irreversible countermeasures to ensure the same problems do not happen again.

The number one objective of any company should be to deliver value to the customer. In everything, a company should be asking, “is this something the customer is willing to pay for?” If not, is that something that enables the company to execute something that the customer is willing to pay for? If the answer to both those questions is no, it should be axed. Eliminate the wastes created by repeat work, corrections, errors, and unwanted features/changes.

I’ll climb off my soapbox now. Mainly, I hope that the representatives at Zwift HQ are collecting the feedback across this forum and having conversations about it at a high level.


Question 4 listed all of the options you picked in question 3. So, if there was only 1 choice in Q4 it was because you only selected one option for where you had heard about TdZ.

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ok that makes sense think i only chose one probably should of picked a few more although if only choosing 1 question 4 is a bit redundant.

Oh my… :wink: I feel sorry for the person who hit send. It happens sometimes. :slight_smile:

I always send things to multiple people before sending it for real, and never under time pressure if possible. It’s amazing what you see if you come back to look at something the next day.

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