Dodgy survey

Hi all, just had an email from Zwift asking me to take part in a survey to improve their service. First 4/5 questions were all about me, my income, where I live etc. Anyone else had this and found it strange. I didn’t finish it

Seems like they are just doing market research, a bit invasive I’d agree but nothing to be worried about

Totally agree with you Paul, for what Zwift (they call this a game) is the survey was far to intrusive. If you had carried on to the end about 90% of it wasn’t about Zwift. Most of the questions matched those I have seen from banks, insurance and retail. Where was the what do you like most/least about Zwift, type questions? Seemed to be totally about them finding out how must money I would likely have spend.

For me it has confirmed that they don’t care about me as a customer. I was expecting lots of questions about what I’d like to see on Zwift, possible new features etc. but only one, all the rest were general lifestyle questions.

Here in the UK I’m hearing more about other platforms, and I think 2020 will be about checking them out,

Thanks Richard. I honestly thought Zwift had been hacked. I also have looked at others but not found one that is so inter active. I enjoy the racing and group rides. Zwift take note, your making enough money so stop with the consumer surveys or you will lose people.

I agree as well. I’ve done some work with beta testing software and giving feedback on features/bugs and assumed they would actually be trying to find out what their user base is happy or upset with. Turns out they are just getting marketing information.

Depending on how well the UI update hits or bombs, I will likely be permanently moving over to trainerroad or sufferfest.

I’ve been very disappointed with how amateurish this software still is.

I found the “prefer not to say” option was my go to response! Don’t know how useful the survey became at that point.

I’ve had a look at other apps and not really found anything I like so they have me by the balls. I just won’t bother with surveys.

I agree… :frowning: Unfortunately, at the moment there are no like-for-like alternatives and, like in all monopolies, customer service is not very high in priorities.

Having said all this, Zwift has transformed my life and I am grateful for this. I am an ex-competitive cyclist but I developed bilateral vestibular disorder (no functioning balance organs) and actually enjoying indoor cycling was a game changer for me.

Don’t take me for granted though Zwift because you will not be a monopoly for ever.

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Thanks all for pointing out that Zwift is still the leader. I was very interested in the latest, sorry recent, they post so often, GCN YouTube upload about competition to Zwift but I suspected in the end they like me will stay with Zwift at #1

Hi everyone, I’m the Zwift Community Forum Manager.

Sorry that we worried you with our recent survey. We could have done much better, but you have our assurances that the email and questions are legitimately from Zwift. It wasn’t meant to be dodgy, and we extend our apologies if it felt that way. Our hope in asking these questions is to learn more about our members, better understand your athletic interests and get feedback on what’s important to you.

Your answers will help us evolve how and what we do so would appreciate if you’d spend a few minutes to complete the survey. To those who felt uncomfortable with the questions, please accept our apologies. Together, we all can level up!

If that was the case, why were there so few questions about Zwift?

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I don’t buy this answer one bit. How is how many kids or what I earn going to improve Zwift.

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Well, it tells them who their customers are, so they can more effectively market towards other similar people.

More customers, more income to spend on improving the product. If zwift wants to grow they will need more customers and a continually improving product

Did you do the survey, and you were happy to answer all the question confident that what you were doing was to improve zwift

Out of curiosity and as you are in the UK was there a GDPR statement given with the survey to tell you what they were specifically use the data for, and how long they were going to keep it?

GDPR doesn’t apply as there is no personal data linked directly.

I find asking my age and what my salary is very personal

Was it asking for exact age and salary or just a range?

I didn’t get the survey.

It was a range.

Sounds like a typical marketing survey.