Future of Zwift Survey

I have just worked through this survey and I have to say it was a weird experience. The first set of questions was all about what exercise I do, and never mentioned anything but cycling, I was then asked to make a selection and chose cycling only to then be asked a whole series of questions about running, which I never do and have no intention of taking up (had enough shin splints to last me a lifetime thank you) … but there was no option at any point to state that. 

I believe you’re talking about the Running Survey we’ve been emailing out. That survey was completely optional and was only applicable to members that Run in Zwift at least some portion of the time.

Ride On!

Fair enough, that’s fine, and if it had said that in the accompanying email or start of the survey I wouldn’t have bothered completing it. Given that it spent the first several questions establishing what type of exercise I did on Zwift (cycling) and then asked me to make a selection between huge icons of cycling and running about halfway through, that could probably be made a little clearer. 

Many of our members ride and run in Zwift in different sessions. We were just trying to gather data on how many folks solely run, as opposed to members that do both. I’ll agree the survey wasn’t exactly outlined in a way that made clear it wasn’t applicable to members who only ride. I’ll pass along correspondence to the rest of our team to make future surveys more clear so we can avoid wasting people’s time, but with the survey out in the wild already, we can’t make edits to it without invalidating a good portion of responses.

Thanks for the heads-up!

I run and ride in Zwift. I was not overly impressed with the survey which was mostly leading up to you gauging how much more you can gouge is for in monthly fees!!

I can’t run and ride at the same time so certainly will not pay more to do both!!  What you need to be doing is growing the user base with fair subscription rates and not goiging the existing loyal base. The tenner a month i.e £120 a year is a hell of a lot of money to pay already for it now. The next rise may be the straw that breaks the camels backs for many people.  

I run most days with Zwift as it’s a distraction but don’t do much ride now the weather is good enough to ride the real roads again. You need to consider pushing up the fees will make people cancel subs during the good weather and on,y subscribe in the winter which will be counter productive for you. 

Keep the fee fair and people will just let it run in the background when they are out in the real world. If you think that your user base is largely people who don’t cycle or run outside then you have badly misjudged it. Everyone I know and have introduced are real world runners and riders using Zwift to bad weather train and I suspect they may be your majority model. 

I love the app and the experience and the freedom to choose ride or run as the mood takes me but it’s a diversion not a necessity. 

You would be better served looking at your family pricing and working on a family model. 

There you are, much more feedback than your badly worded survey got!!



I got the survey email but have never run ever in Zwift.