Results of running survey

@Zwift team.

Several months ago, you sent out a lengthy survey to collect information about the running experience in Zwift.

Could you share the results and let us know what you plan to do with those results?

People spent their time filling it out and showed involvement by doing so, I believe it would be fair if they would know what effect their effort will have going forward.



I suspect it’s unlikely you will get any sort of results. I’ve done various surveys over the years and never seen any sort of output released to the public.

and given recent Job cuts I suspect running could be given very little focus right now.

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Hi Gordon,
Thanks, I totally agree but wanted to give it a shot anyway. Response rates are bound to go down if people start feeling like it is useless after a couple of times. That would be a shame. It will take someone a couple of hours to write a small summary. It’s a good way of thanking participants for their efforts…