Cycling and Running Survey

(Michael Cornelison (Chicago)) #1

As a member of both Zwift and Strava, I’m always looking to connect with fellow cyclists and runners. 

I am doing some research in fitness, cycling and running, and I wanted to do a short survey to better understand athletes at all levels.

The survey is less than 3 minutes and 100% anonymous.  

URL is:

Thanks in advance and see you on Zwift Island

Micheal Cornelison

(Michael Cornelison (Chicago)) #2

Thanks for all of you that have completed the survey.

I have reached 200 responses and hoping to get as close to 500 over the weekend.

I have made a few minor adjustments. 

If you haven’t already take the survey, please take 3 minutes of your time and help out a fellow Zwift citizen. 

URL is:

Thanks in advance,
Michael Cornelison