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Hi Gerrie, you answered to my first post a few days ago, and I would like to make you some typical beginner’s question, if you don’t mind. Thanks in advance.
I have been read the forum and joined two groups in Facebook. This world is exciting for me. So I tried to participate in an event a few hours ago. I pre registered, I think, I was on my treadmill like fifteen minutes earlier, pressed ‘Join’ in that event into the app, waited for the countdown and then nothing happened.
I saw some runners who had been started so I selected ‘to follow’ one of them. But he just did run 5 kms, and the event was 9.68. So I spent my first event alone all the race.
What did I do wrong? And those events are useful to add time, distances,…? Because my 10 kms were in the limbo :slight_smile:
I have many more questions, but don’t want to disturb you anymore.

I would really appreciate if you would give some clue, thanks again

Hi @Eduardo_Orellana

Were you running waiting for the event to start, I am not a runner but I assume it work the same as cycling. You have to be running on any road and then the join event will pop up in the lower left corner.

Maybe @Paul_Allen can help us out a bit.

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Thank u Gerrie for your help, I will try again and let’s see it.

I don’t think I can be much help since I never do events.


At this time of year there are fewer runners on Zwift since it is nice outside.

I think @Paul_Allen just want me to go and attempt a running event to see me suffer.


Well someone has to.