Slow Runners Delight

What went wrong?
So looking forward to a run specifically for slow runners
Wouldn’t let me join
Wouldn’t connect with companion
Ridiculous lead in
Too long - 10.3km
Only 2 runners
What went wrong
Gave up as so disillusioned


Welcome to the forum.

I run a daily running event so I’ve experience in events.

I’m not sure what the event was that you were trying to join.

Can you give more details.

Did you sign up for the event in advance?
If so did you set a reminder?

Did you login to Zwift in plenty of time?
Did you try and go straight to the event or did you join a world with the intention of warming up first?

With regards to the event this should be advertised in the event details.

Your message implies you couldn’t join but then implies you did actually join.

Give me more of a description of how things panned out and I’ll advise accordingly.

My event runs at 9am BST every day. There’s normally a good group of us. You can run your own pace, there’s a whole mix of paces.
I send messages of encouragement throughout and if i recognise individual people I’ll personalise these too.