Slow Runners Club 7,5 - 8,5 kph

We have started a Slow Runners Club
with daily runs for slow runners 7,5 - 8,5 kph

Most runs are full of faster runner and as a slow runner you always end up on your own.
In order to avoid this we would like all slow runners to join the club and participate in
our runs.

The Slow Runners Club

What a great idea! I started doing group runs about a month ago and have always been alone at the back with no one else in sight. I look forward to doing some runs with the group!

I’ll join! I run about 5 mph so should fit in just fine. I also belong to a Facebook and Zwift running group called Sedate Runners. You should check that one out too!

Just search under Clubs in the Zwift app.
You can join the Club if you like.
Also, the events will appear in the events list under Clubs 1 hour in advance.

Hey Marius, I think you have to send me an invite. We both follow each other on Zwift so you’ll be able to do that. There’s no search feature for clubs

I’ll join if I see the club event

What days and time of day will you typically be scheduling events?

Really one of the best ideas I read about in a long time.