We need more tracks for people that just walk or powerwalk

I am 54 and because of my spine my physician told me that I shouldnt do jogging.
But I can walk and I also do karate and workout, and to strenthen my legs I use a simple treadmill set to 8% (!) elevation. Actually I walk on it at around 5km/h only. I do adjust this bit slower or faster.

Thats why I want to suggest that you might add some walking trainings for elderly people like me.
I dont need to run actually, maybe some walks at a constant speed between 4.5 - 5.5km/h would be enough.

I also found it difficult to calibrate the ZWIFT Pod. Slow speed of 4.9 km/h was easy, even medium at 6.4 km/h was ok, but I really had difficulties to stay 40sec at 7.9km/h!

Yesterday I just walekd in Insbruck the 2.8km distance in 32 minutes. That was a really good one as I can do this in just half an hour.
So please add more shorter tracks that people like me can just walk in 30 minutes upwards.

Also maybe add “Group walks” or competitions for people that just walk.
And maybe in the future with enhanced graphics we also can enjoy the landscape more…