New Running Club - Epic Run Crew

Hi All Zwift Runners,

Together with my wife, we have just created a new running club on Zwift called Epic Run Crew. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. My wife likes to run weekdays between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM Pacific Time, and I like to run weekdays between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Unfortunately, there aren’t many public Zwift running events in those timeslots. At least not every day, anyway. That’s why we created this new club. We don’t want to compete with great clubs like Zwift Long Distance Runners (ZLDR). Rather, we want to complement the schedules of those clubs, by offering group runs at time of days when there aren’t many group runs.

Unfortunately, even though I set the “Who can join your club” setting to “anyone can join” and I set all events to “anyone with the event link can join”, the events still don’t appear in Zwift’s public list of events. That means no one knows about them, and I end up running by myself!

I contacted Zwift Support and they said users will only be aware of my events if they join my club. That’s where you all can help. If you want to do group runs during the days and times mentioned above, please join my club, Epic Run Crew! Everyone is welcome to join! It doesn’t matter what your ability is or where you are from!

Thanks Zwifters!


Joe, I’ve joined to support your club. Runs are not compatible with UK time but nonetheless i support your initiative.

More UK clubs needed!

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Thank you Stuart! Please spread the word about Epic Run Crew! Everyone is welcome to join.

I joined up Joe, see you on the black top

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