Lack of events of Zwift Run

Is it me or is there a lack of running events on Zwift Run, the timings can be all over the shot as a UK runner. If there’s not more events, it’s hardly going to be appetising for new members.
Can anyone enlighten me and may give me hope?

Not much better if you are half way round the planet in NZ. My guess is the events are limited so that there are sufficient people in the events they do run to make them interesting.

Agreed. Just not enough runners or interest in zwift running to support more events.

This is unfortunate because I like to zwift when I run inside but until they invest more in running it’s not going to grow.

As it stands I don’t see them doing that because I don’t see how they generate funds to do it in its current form. They’ll continue to grow cycling because that’s where the moneys coming from.

The thing is Zwift running is so simple. For the cost of a run pod you turn a clothes drier back into a treadmill. Income for Zwift may be an issue, I think it should be included in the cycling monthly subscription, wouldn’t like to pay any more. I can only run OR cycle at any one time. There are quite a few runners now and it’s way better than just running on a treadmill with no Zwift. I think we are still the Beta testers though. Even little bugs aren’t being sorted which is a concern, eg lots of things still talk about your ‘ride’ today in the running summary. Should ‘ride on’ become ‘run on’ ? Lots of potential to walk as well as run. Maybe when Zwift sort this they could make running only a $ or 2 per month.


Totally agree. It’s got lots of potential. I just think not enough people know about it and how easy it is to set up. Maybe this lockdown could prove a huge boost for zwift run. Maybe a turn in the market. I can certainly see it’s boosted numbers on the riding front, so as far as percentages go, there will undoubtably be a small increase in members that run.
You I kind of feel like we are still stuck in beta and have our parameters to work within. Hopefully the clubs update (when it fully releases) includes running, as this will help a lot.

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There’s lots of little things that irritate a runner - the “Ride on!” is the obvious one, but across the UI, runs are referred to as “Rides” - and I apparently keep my socks in my garage.

FTP is irrelevant to runners, so the coloured power zones on the graph are pointless - the heart rate zones (which we OBSESS about) need to be moved from the top left, into the graph.

True, there are lots of little things that should have been fixed by now which are annoying to runners. You can see that all Zwift did was change the bike avatar for a runner avatar and little else. Agreed it’s odd and seemingly simple to change ride ons to run ons. You would hope that an update would fix these dumb simple things. Possibly a pity they made their VP running redundant, or maybe that’s why he is gone?
Also hilariously the other day on the Watopia jungle section I was on my bike being passed by a runner a few times going uphill. Each time Zwift was showing the ‘Close the Gap’ to tell me to get into the draft behind the runner!

In the UK, Amazon has been sold out of Zwift footpods for weeks, and now I see they’ve disappeared completely.

I’ve just bought a footpod but I have noticed the same frustrations as everyone here. It’s a real shame Zwift won’t invest a bit of R&D into making this great. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much…

This is because you can actually draft off runners!

I have a Zwift runpod and generally it is very close to what my treadmill says (even at walking pace). I’m actually pretty impressed overall. Saying that though somedays it can give me a bit extra speed vs the treadmill at the start of the run and then take it away from me later. Not sure if my stride changes as I warm up.

I was thinking of hosting a weekly event but couldn’t see how to do so… Does it have to go via zwift support?

To be an event (ie Events on Companion App) yes it needs to go through Zwift HQ to set up a slot. IIRC those are reserved for popular events that constantly have plenty of participation.

I’ve heard of people doing informal meetups weekly and as they get more popular reaching out to Zwift to get an official event on the weekly schedule.

My guess is if you don’t have a lot of people participating already it’ll be a hard sell to get on the official event rotation.

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Cool thank you for the explanation

Agree, there’s naff all in most mornings in the UK. We need more please👍

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