Scheduled Social/Regular Runs and Groups A-D

I usually try and run with another person even if they are slower because I find it less monotonous.  Nonetheless in the dozen + runs I’ve done so far almost everyone takes off after mile 1-2 at a pretty fast clip (for me right now) of around 7:30 mile pace, even when in C group the other day.    I kind of understand that because there aren’t many people out there yet so you join where someone is, today I plan to do a 5k in the “D” group simply because it seems to have the most people signing on (I think the other group had none last time I checked).

I did notice the Zwift comment on social runs and will stick with the pace group if there is one.

That’s interesting! As Run grows obviously some tendencies will change, and there will be a wider variety of runners out there that you can keep up with. I’m excited for that myself!