Join an event not auto starting

Hi All,

Zwift newbie here. In the past when I joined an even, once the countdown stopped I would be taken to the side of the road and join the rest of my group.

Since updating Zwift recently (on my laptop), I click to join an event and get the “GOING” tag next to the event, then when the countdown hits “0” it disappears from the list but nothing else.

Am I doing something wrong, or has something changed that I am not aware of?

Hi Mike,

You need to be riding (any route or world) before the event then you will get the join event in the lower left corner.

Thanks Gerrie, is that the lower left hand corner of the in-ride screen?

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Yes from the ride screen

Also don’t wait for it to hit zero. the earlier you get there the closer to the front you are and the better start you can get.

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