Event joined but not entering it?


on saturday evening I joined for morning Watopia Volcano flat 36,6 km race. After entering main menu in the morning (where all upcoming events are listed and worlds are available to pick), I saw a countdown for the race but I was unable to click to start a race. After coming to zero, event just vanished. Then I just selected that route for driving hoping to catch the group with unofficial result, but no luck, I just appeared somewhere along the route.

What happened? Is it a bug or did I do something wrong?

To join a group ride/meet-up/race you need to spawn in game. From the main menu (World Selection screen) pick a route and start a ride and once you spawn on your bike there will be a “Join Event” button at the bottom left of the screen.

Is this something new? As I recall, it wasn’t like these a year ago?

So if I did what I did a minute earlier everything would be OK?

That’s always how you’ve had to get into a race/group ride/meet-up.

People have suggested changing it, ie being able to directly join an event from the world selection screen but Zwift has not implemented that.