Zwift survey being emailed [March 2021]

Hi everyone - I wanted to forward a message from Zwift’s Research team. We’re emailing a survey to better understand our subscribers.

The surveys will come from a email address.

We’re on a path to deeply understand our Zwift community so that we can create new experiences that all of you love, continue doing things that you enjoy now, and create a place that you always want to come back to.

To do that, we will be asking lots of questions. You’ll likely see surveys and questions about whether you’d be interested in talking to us one on one, or in small groups (those chats will be over zoom for the foreseeable future).

If you’re willing to share information with us, we promise the following:

  • We will keep what you say confidential
  • We report research findings in aggregate, so your responses won’t be tied to you
  • When we make changes based on what you tell us, we’ll let you know that we heard you
  • You can opt out of research at any time and will never send you another survey again
  • You can also choose not to answer any of the surveys we send to you