Zwift survey being emailed [October 2021]

Hi everyone, Zwift is conducting research over the next few weeks to understand which product features for indoor training apps are most valuable for members. Some of our subscribers will receive an email from a third-party research firm (from inviting you to participate in a survey, which will look like this:

This email is legitimate and if you’re invited to participate, we appreciate your honest feedback.

What’s the survey about?
Our research team is conducting a study to understand what products and features our subscribers value to help us develop the product you want most. We are also interested in how you feel about Zwift compared to other training apps, so you will see a variety of companies named in the survey

Why does this survey seem so different from the surveys I usually see?
This is called a conjoint survey, and it helps us understand the features that are most (and least) valuable to Zwifters. This conjoint asks a series of questions comparing three options. All of the prices and the feature sets shown are hypothetical. The three options change across questions so we can narrow down your preferences, and get a more accurate result. The feature sets and prices change across the options, and as you make choices it helps us assign a “value” to those product ideas. Once everyone has completed the survey, we can look across all the answers and see where the opportunities are to add the most value for you.

Why do some questions feel redundant?
If you see the same or very similar options repeated, that actually means the survey is working to narrow down preferences.

When will Zwift be adding the features mentioned in the questions?
Adding (or removing) features mentioned in the survey is strictly hypothetical.

The more people participate in this survey - the better we can evolve our product offerings to meet your preferences. If you received the email - we ask that you take the survey seriously so we can more precisely focus our efforts on the features that you value the most.

@shooj: Wouldn’t just reading the Forum regularly answer all of these questions? :rofl:


Good move posting this, considering the shitstorm it caused last time. :wink:

Wants to go out on the socials too really, if it hasn’t already.


It’s a little known fact that the “Feature Requests” and the “Bugs and Support” sub-forums are not accessible to Zwift staff members. This is by design.


I know you guys are kidding because y’all know we have staff reading the forums ERRYDAY. Conducting a proper survey vs. being immersed in the forum zeitgeist on the daily are two very different things.


Genuine question, If you have staff reading the forum everyday, why are there so many threads with no official updates or responses & a general lack of engagement?


Agree, it would make people happier if there was just an acknowledgement on some issues even if no promises can be made. I know that when Shuji does comment it generally goes down well.

People like to think that they are being listened to.


It’s a fair question. We can always strive toward a more complete coverage of discussions, especially as this community continues to grow.

So as not to derail this thread way off topic - feel free to DM me with your concerns.


“Oh, no - people are asking tough questions in the forums, better move this to DM”.

What you are doing there is exactly what people are concerned about. We have bug reports in the forums that go unanswered for months and when people comment on it, your reply is “DM me”???


It would be good if these types of things worked both ways. We fill in the survey and you publish the results and show us the action plan you have devised to satisfy the survey responses received.

I’ve filled in countless zwift surveys and seen no response or actions as a result.

I’m so fed up of zwifts poor communication with the community.


There is very little to pick up in DM, a question was asked and the response was evasive - This forum in a nutshell.

Im happy to see you are striving to improve, its much needed but it doesnt answer why there is so little official responses to pertinent issues that are raised daily.

if zwift staff are reading the forum every day as you state and there are multiple threads with no updates that leads me to believe it must be a conscious decision to not offer support or communicate with the users.

Anyway, back to your survey - Lets hope this one gives Zwift the answers they crave, unlike this forum, or the 500+ responses in a recent Facebook poll that seemed to mirror what has been said on here for the previous 6/12 months.


Forum? Thought this was the community troubleshoot and support site.!

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This survey… Have I missed something?

That was it?

I bought Logic Pro in the last 12 months. That came with a few grand pianos. Does that count?

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Well I’ve completed the survey.

I’m left under no illusions that a price hike is on the way along with tiered membership.

And Zwift will be releasing their own smart bike but we knew that already.

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i wonder what differs from the last survey as that sounds exactly like we thought before.

Did you have multiple questions? I literally only had:

  • Post code
  • Age
  • ■■■
  • The multiple choice option I posted above

I didn’t get a survey this time yet. Think ZHQ has me on a blacklist already :smiley:

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Apologies I was meant to reply to Stuart above you, but I had highlighted your text when I clicked Reply so your text was also included in my reply…

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