Invitation emails to a Zwift survey [December 2021]

Hi everyone, Zwift is conducting research over the next few weeks to understand how our members make purchasing decisions for cycling equipment. Some of our subscribers will receive an email from us inviting them to participate in a study.

The email will come from
We partnered with Toluna and the survey link starts with

This email is legitimate. If you’re invited to participate, we appreciate your honest feedback.

What’s the study about?
Our research team is conducting a study to understand what products and features our subscribers value in cycling equipment that can be used to Zwift.

Why does this survey seem so different from the surveys I usually see?
This is called a shelf test and it is meant to replicate real-world shopping experiences, where people compare options before making a decision on which one to buy.
In this shelf test, the prices and the cycling equipment available may seem different than what you have seen in stores or on-line. These hypothetical prices and products help us understand your preferences and how much you value certain features as well as brands. Once everyone has completed this study, we can look across all the answers and see the overall choices and the value of those choices.

Are there new prices for existing products or entirely new products coming?
Everything in this study is strictly hypothetical.

It’s about what equipment do I need, then I look for reviews on reliable sources like Zwift Insider. Price is also important. Be good if Zwift partnered up with leading brands and got good discounts, for example link with Garmin and get discounts on power pedals to facilitate dual recordings.

on social medias, we saw what this is about… if it were to go out, i think it would be very nice with the prices in the survey… in fact, i was going to buy new stuff, and i will now wait for some announcement!

Can you please explain why, when attempting to answer the survey, after giving the first two responses gender = female and age = 70, that the survey closes indicating that this profile is not what you are looking for? Are your criteria ageist or sexist?


Some survey! It will take you 15 minutes to complete, unless your answer to question #2 about your age indicates that if you tell them you’re 70, they are no longer interested in any other answers. Survey ended. Nice. :angry:
Maybe they aren’t interested in my monthly subscription fee, either.

I wouldn’t be offended @Paul_Lindewall, surveys are usually trying to find out about the opinions of specific target groups. If you’re not the target group this time, maybe you will be next time - and I’m sure it’s not personal.

Ride on!

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I don’t see anything in the premise of the survey that would preclude someone of my age, unless Zwift just thinks we’re all senile and therefore our opinions don’t make any sense.

Easy - if not interested, don’t send the invitation to those users. Zwift knows how old the users are.
To be honest - I would be offended, too.

One more bad point in Zwift’s communication with their customers…