Zwift survey being emailed [January 2022]

Last October, we ran a study to help us better understand the product features Zwifters value most. Following on from that study, we are conducting further research to capture more information on training specifically. The study may include references to other brands depending on which version is served.

What’s the survey about?
Our research team is conducting a study focused on advanced training tools, and the demand for such tools among Zwifters today. We are also interested in how you feel about Zwift compared to other training apps, so some respondents may see other companies named in the survey

When will Zwift be adding the features mentioned in the questions?
Adding features mentioned in the survey is strictly hypothetical.

The more people participate in this survey - the better we can evolve our product offerings. If you received the email - we ask that you take the survey seriously so we can more precisely focus our efforts on the features that you value the most.