Zwift survey being emailed [October 2021]

Apparently I’m such a loudmouth on the forum, I’m blacklisted from these surveys. Probably a good thing for all concerned…

Lee, I got the same questions but it allowed me to carry on to the survey.

Maybe they need answers from us elder riders. :laughing:

Must be the charity I founded or grand piano I bought then… Dam my middle class values…

Some of this might not be entirely accurate

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Pahaha I thought you were joking. :rofl:

Unless you didn’t tick ‘cycled indoors’ then that’s hilariously pointless.

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I’m upset that it didn’t ask if you went into space with Capt Kirk. :disappointed:

Weird, at the start it said it would take 15 minutes, then I got about 6 or 7 questions, I was done in no time. TBH I got the impression I wasn’t the target audience so who knows what they’re up to :thinking:
Once I said I also use RGT and Xert it ended :joy:

I got a survey today, but it was not this same one and was asking if I had heard about new roads coming out, Neokyo, how I like to use the platform (races, group rides, training, etc.) It didn’t ask anything related to products or features really, mostly personal stuff like how I use Zwift, do I enjoy it, would I recommend to others, etc.

i got the one that @Mike_Rowe1 is describing, too.