Zwift Advisory Panel recruitment email [November 2022]

Hi everyone!

The Research Team at Zwift periodically conducts surveys with Zwifters who share their insights in the Zwift Advisory Panel. We are recruiting people to join this panel who bring a diverse range of viewpoints to improve Zwift for everyone.

We’re sending out emails to a random sampling of Zwift members. The email will come from on November 22 or 23, depending on your time zone. You can rest assured that the email that looks like this is legitimate.

If you did not receive this email but would like to support future research efforts at Zwift you can join this private online community. The Zwift Research team regularly engages with members of the panel to learn more about their experiences on Zwift, collect their feedback on things we’re working on at Zwift, and much more.

To see if you qualify to become a member, please click this link to the Zwift Advisory Panel and complete the survey that follows. Thanks for being an awesome part of the Zwift community!


I have signed up and even downloaded the app…but there is no actual content…some questions about sock length and trainer type… I expected more involvement.

You’ll get an email when there’s a new survey to take part in, there isn’t a backlog of them to go back and answer - since the surveys are only live for a short period, you’ll only see new ones as they come up.


My grip with the Advisory Panel is the reward system .:disappointed:
The voucher you get for completing surveys etc areall based USA side.
The Amazon vouchers are only downloadable on the USA site so you cannot get stuff in UK without postage costs .:disappointed:.
Ive spoken to Zwift about this and recommended that you think of using the reward system to give free months of Zwifting instead .
It’s a good idea , but you need to look at the demographic of your users to see that you don’t all come from across the pond.
Just a thought n moan .:grin:


Only issue is they survey gets closed so quick.

I got an email 2am my time but by the time i woke up and saw it the survey is already closed.

Same here. Got email 2am UK time and closed when checked (around 9am)

This is a test to see how engaged you are. :cowboy_hat_face:

I figured it was a mistake email and the survey never even existed :smiley:

Why is there such a small window to complete it?