Zwift Advisory Panel

Well you asked us to join you and we did.
There is a vast number of people posting welcome posts on this new Zwift Advisory Panel web site.
However …ive yet to seevany members of Zwift to respond to anything .
I posted a comment on the Contact page and no one has ever looked at it let alone reply to it.
Is this web site going along the same lines as the last attempt of Zwift to get the Community involved …that just dissappeard and fizzled out.
If you’re going to start something , please get someone to actually monitor it and work on it .
Otherwise it seems to be a shame thst all your work is going to be for nothing .

Let’s see, this panel was started around April and in May Zwift sacked about a quarter of their staff. It’s not too hard to figure out what has happened here.

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Might of started in April but a pile of invites have just been sent out so somebody somewhere is still doing something.

I’ve no clue though obviously complain too much to get an invite :rofl:


I got the email invite to the advisory panel, filled out the survey and was told I didn’t qualify :man_shrugging: It’s a shame, I have lots and lots of “advice” to share. :smile:


yeah it does seem somewhat odd that invites are being sent out at complete random to people that don’t know anything about it. I saw some questioning if it was legit or a scam

While others that run teams/organise events and have a good understanding of what larger groups of Zwifters are looking for are missed or don’t qualify. Suppose you just need a balance of everyone which I hope they have got.

What? An advisory panel? Must have missed that one.

There should be a good spread of opinions. I got an invite and was accepted and I’ve been on Zwift since the start so know it very well, especially the many bugs and the long list of requested features/roads/worlds.
Hopefully development speeds up as it’s not great at the moment.

The outdoor winter bike and thermal bibs are ready for winter just in case :wink:.

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