The Zwift Template going forward?

Hi, I’ve only been testing since last week. I don’t know how much activity/testing was taking place prior to that. I have spent a lot of time posting, reading, and when possible, answering question here in the Community Forum. I’ve read enough where I’m starting to feel for you guys and worry you must get overwhelmed at times with all the requests & feedback coming at you from left, right & center. It may be helpful for you to layout your priorities and/or the things you’re working on currently. You don’t have to give away the family secrets but just give us a better idea of the types of feedback that most concern you and will get the most effort focused upon them. If such a template exists, please point me in that direction. If you’re on top of things the way they are then great! I/we will keep on keeping on.

Thanks again for allowing me to test on this wonderful product.

Joe :slight_smile:

Hi Joseph!

Thanks for the kind words! It can get to be handful as we’re a small team but we want people to go through Zwift as a real-world experience. The kind of feedback we’re getting is excellent and really helping us shape Zwift!

Funny enough, your feedback during a ride is what’s helping us determine what areas we tackle next (aside from trying to fix all the bugs) :slight_smile:

I’ve found the program remarkably bug free to date.