"Real-Life" items for Drops - Apparel, Hub Discounts?

I’ve been Zwifting since 2016. There is very little in Zwift to interest me anymore besides simply riding. I have tons of virtual kits I’ll NEVER wear, bought bikes and wheels I NEVER ride. Levels have become such joke that I did two rides in ONE DAY (one only 2k, one 40k) and got a badge… that’s all it took to move from level 69 to 71 (accelerated as I have enough XPs for level 100).

It would be great if we could trade our drops for real-life items in the store… T-shirts, hats, socks, etc. or at least discounts on real-life items. Discounts… Here’s a biggy! How about giving a range of discounts on the “Zwift Hub” for different ranges of drops?.. Something like a 1% discount for every 1 million drops. My trainer is getting as old as I am and I’ll be needing another soon. I normally wouldn’t purchase a Hub but this would sure make the deal too good to ignore and I’d pick up a Hub rather than anything else on the market!

Think about it… might just be the thing for you’re long-time supporters!!

I’m on 1.4m XP and level 90 and it takes me very determined XP farming to zap 8000XP in a day.

Problem with drops for real life items is that some people use bots to level up and they’ll have huge amounts of drops. How do you prevent misuse…

I know there is a Zwift kit available from Le Col but I won’t be buying it.