New Zwift Logo

Hi Zwift team


I miss the old logo style. Sure it looks more X than Z, but it was clearly unique. Felt the new logo lacked resemblance to the old one.

Just my 0.02


Cheers and Ride On!




Appreciate the feedback.  In the end, it’s just a logo and in a few weeks I’m sure it’ll be second nature for everybody (and you’ll notice how old the old logo is starting to look).   

Didn’t really like the old one that much, new one is even worse, Fat Zwift.

I’m good with the new logo but disappointed that a cat was spray painted orange for the new home page.  I hope it was given extra treats for its trouble.

Currently the online apparel shop has no clothing listed.  I’m assuming I’ll be able to order a shiny new baseball cap soon?  If so, good timing as my current one is wearing out… :wink:

New logo is terrible.  It does indeed look fat.  Was that the intention?  Is the logo meant to look like it’s gained several pounds?  I hope you only paid around £5 to the agency for the design!  A crowd competition would have yielded something far sexier.

I don’t know who you consulted for the new logo branding but it looks terrible. You should of kept the basics of the last logo and put a slight fresher twist to it, and not totally dumbed it down. There isn’t anything clever about it. Don’t roll the new logo out, real it back in and get back to the drawing board.