Drop Shop outdated

The Zwift DropShop seems very much outdated.

For example is the by Zwift used Cannondale logo a previous one, changed almost 2 years ago.:sleeping:

Any more relics in there Zwift should refresh?
For example current more aero frames or wheels not available in Drop Shop?

Hereby a copy of my perk towards Zwift to activate their awareness:

"I replied finally: Hi Zwift Support,

I appreciate your prompt reply. tx

My observation of Zwift using the old Cannondale logo is not so much “an idea”, more a request to correct an inconsistency within the Dropshop its current state of brand communication.

This only makes sense if Zwift as an organisation is driven by perfection and therefore cares to also keep its in Dropshop used brand logo’s up-to-date a/o accurate?.. and if not wants to intrinsically correct this. :slight_smile:

The current Cannondale 25 spoke C-logo does look more fresh, modern and stylish imho.

If Zwift nor Cannondale (in cc:) do care about this, all fine by me. After all its not a biggy nor a bug.

Take care, R.

On 15 Feb 2024, at 23:23, Zwift Support Team wrote:

Hi R.,

K. here, Technical Specialist at Zwift Support.

Thank you for reaching out with these details. We appreciate you for bringing this to our attention and I’m happy to help however possible!

I’ve passed this information along to the dev team. I also encourage you to share this on the Zwift Forums.

The forums are a great place to get more community support for an idea and gain attention from our dev team. The more attention an idea receives, the more likely it will get implemented or amended in Zwift.

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out; we’re always happy to help however possible!

Ride On.

K. P.
Member Experience Agent


On Thu, Feb 15, 2024 at 10:00 PM I wrote:


Are you aware Zwift is still using the former logo of Cannondale, not the new 25 spoke one as used now for about 2 years?

Hereby the link to current Cannondale branding including download of its official logo: brandpad[dot]io/cannondale/

Regards, R.
SuperSix Evo rider


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Trek Madone & Emonda have rim brakes.

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In my opinion, this should be way down the priority list (regarding the logos). I’d love to see the drop shop revamped with new rims and frames, but first i want a way to organize my garage before adding more items… oh and also sort the list alphabetically for crying out loud!