Real World Zwift Jerseys for sale to match in-game accomplishments

Perhaps a very old suggestion, but how about real world Zwift Jerseys for sale to match in-game accomplishments.  For example, with concept2 rower, they offer merch to match rowing challenges such as million meters rowed, half marathon, marathon, and seasonal challenges.  Users pick out the merch from a third party vendor and buy it, such as t-shirts, mugs, water bottles. 

For zwift, I could see lots of users keen to earn and then buy jerseys for in game challenge, or general Zwift jersey’s.  Perhaps a limited number for KOM, sprint, Everest, etc… or for future charity fundraisers.  Also, good for word of mouth advertising showing up at group ride in the spring with improved fitness and zwift jersey…

Who’s on board?   

Strava do something very similar with their Gran Fondo jerseys for completing challenges there. Given the tie up with Strava it’s something they could do together.