PR rewards, challenge rewards

Wondering if you have thought about built-in challenges on an individual basis for distances, speed, elevation gains, climbing certain hill grades, etc that everyone could have a chance to earn regardless of their level (since there can be only one KOM/QOM)

Maybe once a rider has climbed 2000 feet of elevation in a certain distance, they get “jersey A”, then when they have climbed 5000 they get “jersey B”, 7500, “jersey C” etc. I participate in the strava challenges all the time, and once you complete the challenge they give you the option to buy their jersey. it would be cool to win those jerseys for your avatar once you have completed the challenge. it seems like this would appeal to more people, since they have a chance to earn something special that they can display once they have achieved it. 

I am 39, F and have been riding bikes for 2 years and I have logged 3500 miles since I started riding. This is my first trainer and I am currently injured so I can’t try this out yet. I apologize if this is already a feature built into the program, but I couldn’t find any info about bikes and kits that become unlocked and what it is that unlocks them. I really look forward to easing back onto the bike using Zwift. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it. Thank you!!!