Strava Subscriber Kit and Strava Premium Kit

Hi Zwift

As I’m a Strava subscriber since 6/23/20 I wonder why I don’t have got the Zwift Jersey, Strava Subscriber Kit and Strava Premium Kit ?

Can someone help?

My Zwift ID: Redacted

Henrik Abild Jensen

Hi Henrik!

Thanks for reaching out on the forums! For this kind of situation we would need to reach out to you through email instead. We look forward to hearing back from you in email!

Ride On.

Edit: A solution to this issue is to disconnect Strava from Zwift connections and then reconnect Strava to Zwift. The next time Zwift is logged into the kits should be awarded!

Hi Alexander and Zwift

Regarding the below topic.

Doing as suggested I still don’t have all the Strava Jersey’s, see below screen dump in my Zwift Garage.

For now I have the following Strava Jerseys, see below screen dump. So for now I’m still missing the Strava Premium Kit, Link w/Strava Paid Account. How to get this Jersey as I’m a Strava subscriber since 6/23/20?

It’s possible that this jersey was awarded for Strava’s previous Premium/Summit offering, and no longer applies since they don’t have a Premium service any more. They changed that in May 2020 IIRC, so before you became a paid subscriber.


Get in touch with Support.

They should be able to sort this out for you.

It as possibility I think Zwift should confirm or not?

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I don’t know where your screenshot came from. If it’s an official Zwift page and they says it’s still unlockable, then yes it probably should be.

But I think it’s OK for them to have jerseys that aren’t unlockable any more because circumstances have changed. You can’t get the World Bicycle Relief 2015 jersey for example, but those who did unlock it still have it.

FWIW, I have the Strava kit and Strava Premium kit, but not the Strava Subscriber kit. I guess reconnecting Strava might award it - but I don’t want to do that if it means I’ll lose the Premium one. :smiley:

You shouldn’t lose the two kits if you disconnect / reconnect Strava from Zwift. I was recommended to do that by Strava Support a few months back to fix a problem with screenshots and when I reconnected, the next ride saw me awarded the third Subscriber kit but I still have the other two kits in my garage as well.

I agree with the above posters that the original two kits I think are no longer available as new rewards since Strava changed their subscriber model a few years ago - if you got them back under their old model then you keep them but otherwise you can only get the new jersey now.

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