Kit codes?

I’m a little confused about why people can just get kit codes and get jerseys they didn’t even earn. How do people get these? I don’t want any I just think it’s not very fun especially since you didn’t earn the jersey… Any ideas??



Here is a (lengthy) list of Zwift jerseys. Most are only unlockable by doing an event or club ride, but any with a blue box with a ‘P’ in it can be unlocked by keying in that unlock code on your keyboard (if on a PC or Mac).


Well I know how to do it I was just wondering… why do ppl do this kind of stuff? It’s not rly fun is it?

I think that you may be misunderstanding. You can’t just unlock most of them with a code - they had to be earned in a specific event.

There are some promotional jerseys which can be unlocked with a code. Those are totally different.

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Yeah I’m probably didn’t get the right idea in the first place lol. Thanks:)

The jerseys with unlock codes are often tied to some business, e.g. Wahoo Fitness, Strava, Cyclingtips. You ‘earn’ those jerseys by, I guess, being a customer. Or maybe a fan. I wear the Cyclingtips jersey because I’m a subscriber. The site is moving, like a bunch of cycling websites, towards a membership program model, where the content is free but a monthly membership gets you some perks and some psychological satisfaction.

If you were to go enter the unlock code for Cyclingtips, it’s no skin off my nose, and I bet they wouldn’t mind the free advertising. But I don’t see people who don’t know about Cyclingtips rushing to go suit up in the virtual kit. Same deal with Wahoo, I guess: you could be a Garmin/Tacx person and decide, yeah, I’m going to rep Wahoo instead. But how likely is that, really?

Could companies exclude non-customers? Maybe. I think there’s one kit you only get when you link your Strava premium account to Zwift. I suspect this is too much of a bother for most companies. Our inherent sense of social groups probably does most of the work for them. Plus if you got a non-customer/user/fan randomly putting their kit on, it’s still free advertising.

That said, if you really want that Cyclingtips kit, PM me for the unlock code. But maybe go check it out first. It’s got a lot of really good articles on both tech and the people involved in cycling. It’s all about the beauty of cycling, however you define beauty. Shameless plug over.

I think the answer is simple - because we’re all different.
I just wear a jersey I like the look of and which stands out; I don’t get much motivation from “winning” jerseys. If you told me there was a jersey from an event in 2018 (or even 2020) which I missed that looks great and I could unlock with a code, I’d be happy with that.


That makes sense…

I know many disagree but if I could even pay a nominal amount of money for the rapha kit I see people wear I would.

I think Jerseys and kit are far to hard to come by. If they adopted a CoD monetisation I think they’d make a bit of money and make a bunch of people who often are partial to shiny things happy.

Not everyone can spend hours a week training inside.

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That is true. But he’s right. I would wear the jerseys if I liked them. I would get the code and unlock them.

I think the only way to get the Rapha kit is to pay. I think if you join the Rapha Cycling Club they send you a code to unlock the jersey, or something like that.

Since 2015 three or more Rapha kits have been provided either for event participation or leveling up.

I guess we need some clarity as to which kit he is referring, then.

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Ah I see. Is that the £70 Rapha Club membership? If so… £70 is a little excessive just to get a nicer digital kit… Although membership does include insurance… And exclusive discounts… haha

What Rapha should do is if you buy the kit in real life they should give you a digital version for Zwift.

I’ve got a handful of their jersey’s so would be nice little bonus.

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Here’s a situation: if you buy tacx neo trainer from zwift (physically being in the US) - you’ll get digital tacx kit as a bonus. I purchased the trainer for the same money, but not from zwift, because they don’t ship outside the US. I think it’s fair enought for me to enter the code and get the kit, plus I really like it :slight_smile:


I seem to think you can either unlock the Tacx kit with a code or it does it when you pair a Tacx trainer?

To get the Tacx kit you would press the P key while in-game, and then enter the code ‘GOTACX’. This can only be done on a Mac/PC, not on a tablet, phone, or Apple TV.


Cheers Nige

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