Kit Codes & IOS

This isn’t necessarily a bug, but it sure is a major flaw that Zwift needs to address, I’d venture to say that IOS (IPad) and AppleTV are likely the most used platforms for Zwift, to not have the ability to enter Kit Codes (jersey codes) via these platforms is a ridiculous blunder on Zwifts part.

For those of us without a windows based or Mac based CPU we are left out with no ability to enter these codes to take advantage of this aspect of the game. It’s been a known issue for years, yet it’s still to be addressed. Disappointed.

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That is a Apple issue they don’t play nice with promo codes.

But Zwift have not made kits with codes in a very long time. Now all kits need to be unlocked in events or by Zwift.

Thanks for the info Gerrie, why am I not surprised that Apple is the issue here. Lol. Appreciate the post. Cheers. David.

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If you know someone with a PC, then could you log on to your account there and enter the jersey codes? It might mean installing Zwift temporarily if they don’t already use it.

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