Not able to redeem codes

Hello, I use IOS for Zwift, and have previously redeemed a code for a new kit. I know that this is done under the promotions section. I have tried several times to redeem another code, but I keep getting a message that says that an error occurred and am not able to redeem the code.

Does anyone know why this is, and if there is a way around it please? Thank you very much in advance.

If you are referring to Zwift Jersey codes you need to use a PC or Mac to do it,.

I feel I remember correctly some Jersey code work here:

Thank you very much indeed for your reply. I do indeed mean jersey codes. I have been able to redeem a jersey previously on iOS, and have tried it again using your link, the exact message I get is:

Looks like there was something wrong with that code, please try again

Thanks again

I think you are mistaken, Apple does not allow that. You must have used a Mac or PC to enter the code, there has never been a way to do it on IOS.

Thanks for your response. It seems only a couple can be redeemed on iOS. I have previously redeemed the GCN kit on iOS.

The rest have to be done on a PC, but apparently I may be mistaken.