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I was watching a GCN episode on youtube on zwift hacks. One of them was to press P (if you ware running zwift on a computer) and then a tab comes up to enter a promo code. Enter gogcn and you can get their jersey for zwift. I run zwift off apple tv and I can’t figure out how to get the promo tab to come up.

You cannot do it on an iOS/AppleTV device, just install Zwift on another computer and enter the promo/jersey code on it and it will show on your install of Zwift on the ATV.

Thanks. I tried downloading it on my computer (a Mac that is 7 years old) but the program won’t run on it.
I think I’ll just give up.

This is a daft situation though, isn’t it. I mean, it assumes the person has access to a suitable computer to run Zwift, which isn’t necessarily the case. Maybe they could add promo code unlocking to the Zwift app. (Although I read something that said they apparently want to deprecate the whole idea of promo codes, there are still a bunch of historical ones.)


I didn’t say it was an ideal situation, I just gave the work around. I would like to see more options on the page like entering promo codes and changing jerseys among other things.

Exactly. Should be able to do most stuff on

You can :slight_smile:

  • Go to and log in to your profile

  • Click on “Edit Profile”

  • Select “Billing” on the top middle

  • Select “Promotions” on the left

  • Type in the promo code then click “Redeem”

  • Check your game to see your kit!

@Daren @Paul_Allen


I didn’t think that worked for jersey codes.

Can we?


I tried a few codes for kits I don’t think I have, and none worked.

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I also tried a few codes and got errors everytime

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Interesting… gogcn worked. Clearly the others don’t. I’ll look into it.


Yeah @Daren you were right originally. Promo codes for kits/jerseys are not a thing and some of the older legacy codes won’t transfer from your PC to iOS. So most of those codes will in fact, not work. My apologies!

Any updates? It would be nice to get some of these jerseys.

Thank you


So, its December 2020, any news on this issue ?
I’m running Swift on a Apple TV but also any other iOS device doesn’t let me
enter a promo code for jerseys.
Trying to install Swift on a brand-new Mac mini isn’t possible either.
Any suggestions on how to solve this ?

Thanks to all

Sorry, of course I meant ´Zwift` !!
Damn autocorrection…

Will it really not install on a Mac Mini? If not then all you need is access to someone else’s Mac or PC where you can install Zwift, login and enter codes. You don’t need any trainer or sensors paired to this Mac/PC.