Change maillot apple tv

Hello good morning from Spain!
How can I change my jersey with zwift in apple tv 4? In a race they demand the BIKE @ BEER jersey and I don’t know how it is done. My laptop is old and does not support zwift. regards

Go to your garage, if you have the kit it will be there. You unfortunately cannot enter a code to get a jersey in ATV like you can on a PC.

A couple of things: in a race I don’t think the organizer can ‘demand’ what jersey you wear, so use whatever you want. If it is an event where the description indicates the Bike and Beer jersey (as noted in the ZCA event details), your rider will automatically be outfitted in this kit when you join the event (and will then revert to your normal kit when the event is over).

If you own a kit already and want to change to it you would press the Menu button on the ATV remote and then navigate to the Garage.

even on Apple TV it’s doable - use PC/Mac installation as a workaround:

  • install Zwift on your PC/Mac, too.
  • Run this PC/Mac Zwift program
  • Enter code and get the jersey
  • Quit PC/Mac Zwift and start your AppleTV … goto Garage, choose a dress, ride…

Actually I use my AppleTV only for “real Zwift rides”, whereas I use my Mac to “maintain” what I need - jersey-codes, create/change workouts, etc …