My Club Kit vanished

I applied a Promo/Redeem code for RCC Kit in 2017. I was browsing unlocks on Apple TV yesterday and my kit changed. Now I can no longer see my Club kit and therefore select it to ride in!

On my account it shows as successfully redeemed but it doesn’t show up as a jersey to select. Any help appreciated


I had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday. I’ve had my RCC kit since 2017; yesterday unlocked some new kit and was just browsing and my RCC kit vanished and is no where to be seen. I’ve raised a query with Support but haven’t hear back yet.

That’s an expensive temporary jersey! What’s the code? I can test it and report back to you. :wink:

@Jake_Russell_RCC Figured it out. I don;t know why the kit disappeared but I was able to request the redeem code again from RCC and once I got the code in an email, I was able to go back to Zwift, input the new promo code and my jersey has re-appeared today.

Visit this URL: and follow the web prompts and you should have your code the next day and you’ll get your jersey back.

The promo code is a one-off and only works when you fill out the requested info from RCC and they validate the info you supply against your RCC membership.

Thanks @Derek_Baker_RCCMCR yea I did the same thing actually before you posted. I haven’t heard from support yet but did manage to add a 2nd RCC Kit so good to know it works. I’ll go add it now!


So the RCC Kit is only valid for 1yr because you renew annually. You actually have to get a code each year.