Club Jersey

(Mike Popkiss CANARD SOL.) #1

I understand that my club’s cycling jersey (SKCC, Vic AU) was recently added to Zwift.

How can I get and equip it?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Mike, for the club kits we’re leaving it to the individual clubs to make the unlock codes public or private.   Maybe they’ve posted it to their facebook or twitter pages?

(Mike Popkiss CANARD SOL.) #3

No worries - will speak to the club.  Thanks!

(Shane Miller | GPLama) #4

Check your Facebook messages Mike. SKCC have tweeted the info, I’ve sent you a link to it. 

(lee attwood EVR (D)) #5

Jon, does this mean we can setup club kits?

I can export our club kit to whatever format is needed (i’m a graphic designer) be ace if we could add our kit to the system.