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 What is the process to have your jersey added to Zwift. I will soon be doing a a lot of charity rides and would love to wear my team jersey in game. 

They currently aren’t working on jerseys due to work ongoing with the mountain route and group riding features. Plus creating jerseys takes some time so you have to have substantial amounts of riders who are going to use it in the game.

I’d like to find out the process for my club as well.  We have quite a few members who ride on Zwift, and I see another local club has their jersey available now.  Haven’t been able to find anything useful in the forms here to detail how to get the artwork uploaded.

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Hi Mark and Harris,


Thanks for the email. We are taking a break from making club kits so we can concentrate on improving the Zwift experience. I know this is not the news you would like to hear but it is still very early days for us and we have lots to do.  In the future we hope to allow kits for all the clubs but for now we need to focus all our attention on making Zwift even better.

So please be patient and in meantime Ride On! 

Hello Tom,

Can’t wait to hear you will be making club kits again as I belong to a club and the racing team that have a quite a few members who ride on Zwift as well.  The club also has a Strava team account for regular club members and a Strava team account for the racing program.

Look forward to the improvements in Zwift and the ability to ride with pride in our club kits.

Any update on the Club kit availability?

Anything more on the ability upload a custom jersey/bibs?   My sponsors love this idea!!!

I am also interested in the idea of getting my team jersey online. Curious to what it takes. Thank you. Ride On!

Hi - We have 1050 club members the many of whom ride Zwift. We would love to upload or club jersey to be able to ride as a club and Im sure that this would encourage more of the club onto Zwift. We have the club design in PDF or Adobe illustrator format - Please could you let us know if uploading the jersey design is possible - Many Thanks Jez

Any update for club kit???

Surely the answer to this challenge is to simply license a 3D design studio engine - like many of the cycling jersey websites now have to design a club jersey and then order them. Clubs and individuals could design and upload new designs into the game (it might still need someone to click ‘approve’ on new designs to make sure they’re not obscene).

Great idea! Completely bizarre that some people have voted it down. Why? Explain yourselves! 

This would be a great feature. I appreciate the amount of time it takes to create these things though. I used to do designs for racing cars when I was still active in the online racing simulation scene. You will always find volunteers to do these things though, so if a template could be made available you would at least not have to do the design part.

The headache would be moderation though. 

The way that motor racing simulators do it is that each player has to have a copy of the skin (skin being a common name for the design/livery/jersey). If they don’t have it locally on their machine, a default skin is shown.

Alternatively missing skins are pushed down to the player when they join an event and their skin is pushed up for distribution. The downside is a longer load time which gets worse as the number of different skins increase.

We use to have a submission deadline before each season started. This could be applied too.

Any update on this topic? We are a team of 90+ people with many already riding on Zwift

Any news on this? My club and the brand that sponsor it would like to be involved


There is a post on here from Jordan Rapp on submitting requests for custom jersey/kit, but there is also a backlog of requests:


i join the conversation and support the ask for having team-jerseys. our team (in Switzerland) rides 3 or more times a week in summer, in winter it would be great if we could continue to (virtually)  ride together as a team also - Zwift seems like the logical place for most of us to train indoor… so any updates on this feature would be truly appreciate together with instructions,  of how to submit and an expectation of timeline and costs needed for the virtual jersey would be ready and how club-members can apply for it.  

I second that this would be a great feature to have people to create their own jersey and share it with others in Zwift / clubs / … I already see a lot of promo codes that allow kits to be unlocked - so I can imagine the Zwift development team is close to releasing this feature?

Just 2 more months to go and we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of this feature request :wink: