Uploading Team/Club Jerseys

Love to have that feature, possibly create more club interest, possibly a little competition much like being out on the road :-) 

I would think there should be some sort of verification so that every single Zwifter doesn’t just make their own jersey, or make one with rude words on etc.

I agree with Mark, considering how many hats and T-Shirts have to have the “F” word on to be cool… 

But yes I’d love to have the option of riding in my regular team kit.

I used to play a game which was very open to customization.  It wasn’t a feature in the official game, but you could take your photo, create a “skin” and have your character in game look just like you.  It was awesome, of course, but for it to work, your mates needed to have that file on their computer. That was easy for us, but someone online would not see our face, just the default one. 
So what I’m saying is, if I made my team kit, for everyone else to see it, Zwift would need to initiate a download on their end and update their zwift with my team kit.  I think it might become a bit intrusive.  
It could be done on a group level, so your team can opt to download the kit and not bother other people with how you look, but I get that that’s not as fun. 

Why not create a jersey editor just like Microsoft did for the cars on Forza Motorsport?

They give you the ability to put several layers of geometric shapes and letters and create your custom kit…