Registering Club Kit

(Brian Obie (WCCC)) #1

Hi, I’ve seen a few posts about club jerseys on Zwift support boards and think I caught that there was an announcement from Zwift about how to submit a kit but I can’t find that announcement.  I’m not looking to create this myself or for an editor to do it.  Rather, I’d like to submit the club artwork that we use to get Kits from Voler and have those available for club members on Zwift.  Can someone point me to the memo on how to do that?  Thanks.

(Adam Boyko TeamODZ) #2

That would be great… I would also be interested. Thx much

(Tommy Craig - BASE Performance) #3



(Darren Petty TeamODZ) #4

I would love to fly my local colours on zwif!.