RCC Jersey

Has anyone else had an RCC (Rapha Cycling Club) jersey disappear from their Zwift garage? And if you did, how did you get it back.
Thanks for your help.

Is that the one you need to renew every year? How did you get the first one? Had to prove membership and then they sent you a code?

It is good for 1 year to the date you subscribed.

Thanks Eric

I renewed my RCC membership, so shouldn’t it be available again?

Seems odd if it’s only available once.



Thanks Ben.

Rapha sent me a special code after I joined RCC, but I renewed my membership so surprised the jersey ‘disappeared’.



Each year you renew you need to ask for a new code from RCC as they are single use and they will give you and updated one while verfying everything.

Thanks Eric. I’ll follow up with RCC.

Appreciate the help.