Missing Rapha cc jersey

I usually ride in the Rapha CC jersey. However it disappears from my garage if I change to another jersey.First time Rapha gave me the code to retrieve it. Do I really need to do this every time this happens and why does this not happen to any of the other jerseys in my garage?

I don’t have an answer, but I’m going to link to this other thread (where I lost my hat…but the hat came back). And I’ll invoke the name of @shooj so he is aware. Could be a related issue :man_shrugging:

Jan, this shouldn’t be happening. The Rapha jersey is different as you get a unique code from them to unlock the jersey.

Kit availability can at times be a little problematic, jerseys can appear at the time or on next login.

Were you logged into two devices when you put the code in? This can sometimes be an issue.

Chances are it’ll be in your garage at next login.

Hi. No, I’ve only ever logged in on the same device. I checked in the garage today and the Rapha cc jersey is still missing. Interestingly I finished the Tour of Makuri today and that jersey appeared, so clearly this glitch only impacts on the Rapha jersey.
I suppose the only option is to contact Rapha for code #3.

If you can remember the full name of the jersey, I can have a look.

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Yes, it’s the Rapha CC jersey

The system thinks that you already have it, so I’ve removed it and readded it.

Thank you for that :+1:

Hi James, could you do the same for me? I’ve got the exact same issue

Should be there now.

Got it, thanks