Rapha rcc kit

Hello Zwift support
I have inadvertently swapped jerseys in the garage
I wanted return to my Rapha RCC kit for rides but some some reason it is now no longer in the garage set up. I am still a member could you add it back into my garage as a reset at your end - I see in the forums you sometimes have to do this for riders. I have triple checked and defo not there
Pressed wrong button so hand up it was user error to swap in the first place.
Many thanks in advance

This forum isn’t Zwift support. Go through the support chatbot on the website, and if you persist long enough you’ll get to a form that you can fill in to contact Zwift support staff.

Hi @_David_Cummings_RCC, Welcome to the Forums! This is a place to share feedback, discuss everything Zwift, and seek help from the community.

This sounds like something we could do if you get in touch with us directly! My colleagues are happy to help you, just click here to get started.