More bright colours!?

Hi Zwift

This is a very minor gripe…

The kits for Tour de Zwift and all the other tours that have taken place over the years…why the perpetual bright colours!?

I’ve just seen the new Tour de Zwift kit…we will all look like distressed lemons! And the last tour of Makuri…we looked like a bunch of flamingos!

Please could your kit designers come up with something a bit more subtle in future? Something you don’t need shades on to look at? Something that won’t permanently scar my retinas?

One of the most pleasant surprises in Zwift was the all-black 100 mile kit!!

Anyone agree!?

Thanks for the great platform


The TdZ kit definitely seems designed in the same sort of vein as the ToM kit. Neither one is exactly my preference either, but they aren’t terrible. Still, variation would be good, yeah. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking they should introduce a Rider In Black kit with no logos or colors of any kind (level 61)


That would be a great idea. I like that!

100% agree with the sentiment of this post.
Like, it seems as if Zwift only catering for people that like wearing bright colours, whereas I prefer to wear something more subtle and discreet, and i’m sure a lot of other people think the same, but may not wanted to be called a bright colour hater.
I certainly wouldn’t ride in public, in any of the kits i’ve earned from from Fundo’s etc.
If Zwift could offer an option to winning/wearing a bright or dark colour kit for such events, they would cater for everyone.

Thank you Matt for bringing this up.