Level 50 kit

Hey Zwift!

What’s up with the pilgrim pathetic level 50 kit? How about showing a little love for the people that stuck it out with you for the longest… Like when there was one hilly course on watopia and and the people on “Zwift -Power” were riding around at like 8 W per kilo with no problem. Better design? A number on the jersey? Cmon Man!

I’ve been around since September 2015, which is quite a long time in Zwift terms.

I’m only level 28 anyway, but I don’t much care about a level 50 jersey; I’ve got plenty of much better jerseys to wear already.

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Hi Will,
I actually prefer the low key approach of the level 50 kit.
The others seemed a bit OTT.
Maybe the other levels should have been low key and the level 50 a bit more in your face.
I do see your point.
“Ride On”

ps, more levels please Zwift.

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totally agree embarrassed to wear the jersey design so poor

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