Pink jersey for achieving level 20?

I was so looking forward to achieving a level 20 jersey - and disappointed to see it’s a full-on pink ! I’m sorry to say pink just doesn’t do it for me.

I know lots of guys like and wear pink stuff and it suites them. It’s true that there are no gender divides on color. But for me, is there a level 20 in the Garage for a non-pink wearing guy ?

Don’t hold your breath for level 50 LOL

No there is only one level 20 jersey.


You’ll be at Level 25 before you know it!


You gotta wear it a little just to show everyone your level though right?

It’s not all pink it’s got a lot of blue too

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Embrace the pink. I never leave home or the garage without any.

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LOL, I have a significant color deficiency with my eyesight. I wore that jersey for several weeks before I realized it was pink. Cheers.

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I recommend update your kit at each level.
If you don’t like it, it will motivate you to ride harder to the next level.


I love people who wear pink jerseys in races they are great place markers. One pink jersey should be required in every groupetto.

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“Every day is a gift, it’s just, does it have to be a pair of socks?” Tony Soprano

I’ve felt this way more than once upon reaching a new level in Zwift.

Simple solution, ride a century and you’ll get the black 100 jersey. Wear that with pride if you don’t like pink.

P.S. while I thought an indoor century was absolutely insane, doing it on Zwift was not bad at all. Just like an outdoor century. Take breaks like you would on any other century ride and Zwift helps it go by enjoyably. Then wear that jersey all you want.

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I have done many 100 miles rde on Zwift, but I actually find the 100km Jersey better looking

Thanks for all the counselling (I need plenty of that) I’m now wearing the level 20 pink gear with pride! Ride on folks…