Ladies' Jersey

We’d like a jersey so we can designate the ladies’ rides.  Men will be welcome to join us - in the jersey. :slight_smile:


We’d like pink or purple, please.

Yes please

That would be super awesome!

I’ve been riding “naked” with nothing to show for achievement. I really love the level 20 jersey but I’d have to pedal a lot more to get that jersey. Why can’t we women get recognized for daring to participate in a male dominated and very aggressive sport ? 

i’d like pink or purple too!

This is a very good idea and a reasonable request, please make it so

We ladies could link with the pink and then hurtle with the purple. Go on Zwifty, you know it makes sense. :relaxed:

I’m in total support of this!! 

Great Idea…I support this.

Or a Knicks banner. 

Great idea

Purple please!

A pink jersey would be great and the idea that men can join the rides while riding in pink sounds good as well. would love to have something different than white socks.

All the jerseys work with the female avatar don’t they?  They’re not male-specific are they? (I’ve never ganged my gender in game, so maybe they are.)

Anyway, I’m in for pink. One of my favourites is the pink “Z-Peugeot” style on.   There’s a pink one what has “ZWIFT” on it I’ve seen too I think. Not the “20” one.

That’s a great idea. I vote for pink.

That’s a great idea. I vote for pink.

Ladies need their own fastest lap and spint jersey too! - Wife rides too. It is cool seeing her get excited to go for a sprint

I totally agree on the Women’s Sprint & Fastest Lap Jerseys!!!  I had suggested this with the Zwift Support group and they said they were working on it, but that was many months ago, back in the early days of Zwift.  It’s almost impossible to get those jerseys, unless you out-perform your male counterparts, or there is no one on the course at that time (i.e. Going in Reverse)!

It’s time for Zwift to acknowledge the many women participating in their program!  ROL Louise J


Since I did some rides on zwift I find it more and more anoying that I can only achieve the polka dot jersey but the sprint and the double and triple jerseys are not achieveable in a women section, Why? Even women like to do sprints but even though some of us might be quite strong we won´t have a chance at all to hit men´s power output in a sprint. So please think of your female users, I know we´re a minority but we´re there too. Yesterday I won both sprints again but no jersey for me. I was only 5 bpm away from maximum pulse and hit 9W/kg so it was an efford but no jersey.

Regards from a german female user :slight_smile: