Women's Sprint & Orange Jersey?


Are there any plans to open up the ability for Women to claim a Green, Orange, or multiple jerseys for having the best Female Sprint / Overall times on a course?

I love the fact that a QOM jersey was recently introduced for the climb, but it would be great if we could also earn the associated Jersey’s for having the best Sprint / Overall Lap time of any other females on the course at a given time.

Thanks for considering!



Awesome - Thanks Eric! I’ll keep an eye out for them :slight_smile:

(Julynn Washington (WSR)X RO4H) #3

I really hope this is in the pipeline in the very near future; this year!

(Emma Iserman) #4

Please please please get this added! It’s getting a bit ridiculous that the women don’t have the full set of jerseys yet.

(Trish Stafford 4346) #5

+1 - this feature is WAY overdue.

(Loose Moose) #6

+1 - agreed WAY overdue

(Kim Osborne (MGCC)) #7


(Emma Iserman) #8

I would love an update with a timeline on this. To be honest I’m voting with my wallet right now. I won’t pay for Zwift (as much I enjoyed using it during the beta) until this is included. I could understand not implementing the jerseys in the earlier days of the beta when I would often find myself the only woman riding on the Island, but the last few months when I rode there were typically a healthy number of other women riding (alas, no more earning the QOM by default). 

This feature is very overdue!

(Jennifer Ogg) #9

Please add ASAP!!!  It really adds to the entire experience.

(Amy White #TWESPAE) #10

It only makes sense to have the womens’ experience on zwift be the same as the men. How do you explain to a new user - well, only the men get green and orange jerseys.  I don’t know much about programming, but if the leaderboards are already separate and can distinguish genders of riders, and the software can award a QOM climb jersey, is it that much more work to do a green and orange jersey?  

(Amy White #TWESPAE) #11

Eric - We would love an update on this feature.  ETA etc.


(Amy White #TWESPAE) #12

Eric - We would love an update on this feature.  ETA etc.


(G andalf - [WxK]) #13

Any updates on when this is coming?

(Dereck Bowen Techy kids (C)) #14

This should have been in place a long time ago!

(BEV Chalker) #15

Come on its 2016! We woman need our own jerseys! 

(Gisela Barany (ROL)) #16

I’m also very interested in seeing this accomplished

(Karen Russell C.I.S.Cycling) #17

Please make this happen for us.   Thank you

(Dave Simonson) #18

+1 Please!

(Raur Meilleur Harvey TMB) #19

I totaly agree that to help the growth of women competetiveness Zwift need to put in the same element for women as for men. It just looks like an half ass job if only the climbers jersey is there but you didnt implement the others!

Hope to come to a surprise soon!

Thank you


(jenny everington) #20

Please could us ladies have the jerseys too .or perhaps you men are scared us women will be better than you