QOM and the Pursuit of the TriColor Jersey

In case you haven’t noticed, it is absolutely impossible for lady riders to wear the tricolor jersey - even if you’ve beaten the men at every interval.

Why? If you win the hill climb, you will inevitably get the ladies QOM jersey, even if it is the best overall time (i.e. QOM and KOM both). The QOM jersey (but not the KOM jersey) will block you from actually wearing the green sprint jersey and/or the orange lap jersey. If, on the other hand, you skip the QOM (this can be impossible if there are no other women on the course), you can take the bicolor green and orange jersey.

Granted, this only comes up when you are riding at low census times when there is one other woman on the course AND none of the men seem to be especially aggressive at going for the sprints and lap times. But still. It would be nice that, if women cannot ride for an overall Omni jersey, at least the developers might arrange it so that we can have a chance at a women’s Omni jersey.

As an off-peak rider, it bugs me, but not enough that I’ll stop Zwifting, as it is lots of fun and keeps me pushing at the top end to be faster at the sprints and on the climbs. And keeps me in touch with riders across the world, which is better than finding waffles with peanut butter and honey in my musette bag at the feed zone !

I’ll be riding on …


I really don’t submit many request or make many complaints but I realize as a beta tester I should voice my opinion more often; so I’ll start by chiming in here. Madeleine is absolutely correct. On a rare occasion I earned the sprint Jersey and the lap Jersey but never had a chance to wear it; then later in the ride I received the notification that my sprint/orange jersey had been stolen. Being a new cyclist and before Zwift I’ve never been concerned with any segment challenges or Jersey; but Zwift has changed the game for me and I would like the opportunity to wear the Omni Jersey and/or other individual Jerseys.


Thanks for the feedback, and we absolutely hear you on this! Being unable to not get all three jerseys was not intentional, and we have a bug open on this issue. We’re also looking into changing how the jersey system works, so this problem may become obsolete/outdated as we continue developing Zwift.