Women on Zwift

Just a note to say that after a week away in Richmond, when I returned to Watopia, I found that women can finally win the big polka dot jersey … so maybe no more of the small polka dot jersey having a dominant repressor effect on wearing a double or triple jersey ?  I haven’t been good enough yet on the sprint to test the hypothesis, but it has me working hard. 

Even if I can’t wear the double, it is nice to be able to wear the KOM jersey when your efforts merit it, even if you don’t have a Y chromosome. 

Thanks !


Yes! I believe we’re still planning on making more changes to jerseys, but one of the changes we made in the latest update is that if you’re a woman with the best hill climb time, you will get the KOM jersey and it will be recognized as the higher-rank jersey. If you lose the best KOM time, but still have the best QOM, you’ll be switched to the QOM jersey.

The same goes for the best lap and sprint times. While we don’t have split jerseys for these at the moment, if you have the best time here, it will be treated as the higher ranked jersey over the QOM jersey.

Again, I believe we still have plans to make further changes to the segment jersey system as a whole (which is why we didn’t make more tweaks), so stay tuned!