Award jerseys for Women riders?

Why not have a separate Polka Dot/Green jersey award classification for female riders on course…apologies if this has already been suggested.

Do this!

i agree with this. being a 62 year old women, i have no chance to come close to the younger men riders. a women’s division is a good idea

Please, Please, Please make that happen; that would be wonderful; at least give us a chance to obtaining a jersey here and there!


I agree. Strava does it why not, right? I did a couple laps with a female rider the other night (Last name Molina, I think) she was crushing it out there. really awesome. She def. deserved a Jersey. I think the issue would be the same guys who are faking their weight just to win the jerseys would probably change there profile to female to win all of those too. That should not stop ZWIFT from doing it though.

YES PLEASE DO THIS. It is hard enough for women as it is. It can be discouraging riding with men at times. If Zwift would do this, it would encourage and motivate women cyclists. It is not possible for women to reach the goals that my male partner is able to do. I am glad someone beat me to this question.

Further to my last post, men should NOT be able to change their gender to women. If you signed up as a man, Zwift should not allow you to change gender without approval first.

Hi Everyone! Zwift is happy to announce that the women’s green sprint and orange lap jerseys were implemented in todays update!  Best of luck to all the ladies riding hard to earn them :)