IRL KOM/QOM Jersey Option - Would you buy?

I wish that the KOM/QOM jerseys we earn in game could be made available to purchase in real life to be worn on outdoor rides, etc It seems like Zwift could easily make and sell these alongside the other options.

If Zwift made real KOM/QOM and even sprint jerseys available for purchase, would you consider buying one?

Hi @Jen_Herd_USMES, welcome to the forums.

Based on the prices of the IRL jerseys that Zwift has offered in the past for events like Tour de Zwift, off the Maap, etc. I would not buy one. I can’t justify spending $150 or more for a jersey.


YES YES YES and I’ve requested the Sprint kit as well. :slight_smile: RIDE ON!

I probably would not buy anyway because I just ride in club kit but if they want ot have a market for this they do certainly need to look at pricing . the 156 asking price is not in the ball park

Even high end jerseys are under 100 quid and normally discounted to nearer 50 if you shop around.

Even with the kit I would consider , bottles , t shirts , caps etc . They are way too overpriced IMO.

With Zwifts buying power they could secure much cheaper kit than we can as a club of 200 riders but instead are 2-3 times the price . So I can only suspect they are not really interested in this avenue right now .